We are a group of thinker,
calling ourselves Brainue
Established in 2008, our spirit is
To provide relateable brand and
branding consultation service,
bulls-eye and beneficial to
the business

From a humble beginning in
30 sq meters room full of ideas,
our people has been consistently
expanding their “brains.

We believe that combining two
good brains is always a good idea.
With more thoughts to the matter,
the best solution is on the way to be delivered.fake
An idea without a purpose
is nothing more than
Just an imagination.
But a purpose with no idea,
will lead you nowhere.
We don’t draw eye-candy visuals.
We try understanding your brand
and proceed relevant visuals
that settles well with your brand
DNA, to strategically manage
your brand perception.
Let’s agree that Visual is a very subjective matter
to every eyes. “Good” designs are ones that are able to be measured, so having a good rational visual strategy always comes first. Both from functional
& emotional side. This is how we do it:

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We Think

We gather and  proceed data, not only about your brand and your business. The general reviews industry and the behavior of your diverse audience.

Align the brief and project objective.

Confirming our two teams are on the same boat.

We Strategize

We brainstorm the mind map for the problem solving.
We then move along to the creation of visual draft which
is commonly known as design routes.

Evaluate your brand DNA, making sure everything is strongly connected.

We Execute

After spending good amount
of time building strategy,
we execute the visual that answer the project objectives
and deliverable

From freebie stickers, annual report or corporate logo to corporate vision mission

From packaging, product promotion, to communication materials and event visuals

Brainue Strategic Visual
was established from excitement
and passion in brand & branding.
Forged through years of experience in diverse industries,
Brainue provides relatable brand and branding
consultation service, bulls-eye and beneficial to the business.
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