Scope Of Work


• The Objective

In every brand, we see two aspects to deliver: functional and emotional. Our objective is to be able to present both. Your strategy and our deliverance, with the finest synergy and consistency.

• The Opportunities

We are here to help you with your brand, by providing you with countless inputs and alternatives, based on our knowledge, experiences, and creative minds. Good input contributes to great output.

Both the functional and emotional sides must be accessible in a good rational visual strategy. One that shows its quality as a good design. This is how we do it.

We Think
Gathering data, analyze them, removing what is useless and keeping what is needed by the project objectives. It is very important to us to see things from the same perspective.

We Strategize
Based on those objectives, we maximize the data, and then brainstorm to structurize a mind map that would lead to an early draft. All within the constraints of your strategy.

We Execute
When everything fits and falls into the right places, we cook up the perfect visual that accomodates the project objectives, your point of view, and your strategy.


A logo must capture the whole brand in a simple image that’s a product of a meticulous design process. We develop the most important visual branding by creating or redesigning your logo, to represent your objective only from a single glance.

An array of statements, that is commited and thoroughly detailed to help in understanding the brand. We assemble a series of consistent branding through a visual campaign that would touch your audience in many mediums and aspects.

The challenge is how to wrap up and put together a box, or a casing, or a cover for it to be attractive and screams your brand like no other can. We craft the most efficient packaging of your products to deliver the best message, both visually and physically.

  • Our Team
    The Brains Behind

    Our 4 founders discovered excitement and passion in brand & branding. Forged through years of experience in diverse industries when they finally decided to start up small business of their own. In 30m2 room full of ideas and motivation in 2008, Brainue  provides relatable brand and branding consultation service, bulls-eye and beneficial to the business.


Building your business’ behavior that transcends the values through strategic “rule of thumb” for your business

Developing & creating ways to communicate your business through the proper communication materials

we’re focusing our services on the brand expression

Developing & creating strategic visuals that express the values of your business. The design output on this process must not merely aesthetic, but needs to be systematic and well-thought. So it is able to build strong brand presence within its audience


Corporate Design


Gas Directorate
Industrial Fuel

TK Racing

TK Racing Parts

Merck Tbk

Merck Corporate

Broco Industri


Heinz ABC

ABC Sardines
HOKI Soy Sauce

ASYST Indonesia

Aero Systems Indonesia

Yayasan Sentul City

Yayasan Sentul City

Asuransi Tugu

Tugu Insurance Corporate

Asuransi Jiwa InHealth

InHealth Corporate

Danone Aqua

Aqua Water
Mizone Isotonic
Mizone Fres'in

Sari Husada

Corporate CSR

Garuda Food Beverages

Okky Koko Drink
Space Juice

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